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    Presentation of Vandien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint stock Company
    Name of Company : Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint-Stock Company Director : Eng. Hoàng Văn Tại Year of establishment: 1963. Capacity : 450,000 ton per year, in which 300,000 ton of Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer and 150,000 ton of NPK Fertilizer.
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    Multifactorial NPK fertilizer for plants labeled Van Dien
    Over 50 years of construction and development (1963-2013), JSC Van Dien FMP fertilizer supplied to the market on 60 types of fertilizers, farmers contribute more. Overcoming difficulties paved the way for the fertilizer industry VN In 1960, calcined phosphate plant Van Dien - this is JSC Van Dien FMP fertilizer is starting construction with the support of your country China. After 3 years, on 10/15/1963.