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    Van Dien Phosphate adjacent half-century Vietnamese farmers
    Đăng ngày: 27/02/2014 04:24:48
    Van Dien Phosphate adjacent half-century Vietnamese farmers

    In recent years, the process of liberalization of agricultural production, especially rice production has helped Vietnam become a powerhouse second largest exporter in the world and reached the top coffee exporters, rubber, pepper, tea ... earned the country foreign currency resources. Phosphate Corporation Van Dien (VAFDCO) proud to have contributed to his small feat that.
    Raw materials for the production of phosphate ore Van Dien entirely, natural mineral. During processing products absolutely no use of chemicals and chemical methods that only use physical methods to convert from natural mineral soluble crystalline to amorphous insoluble in water, but soluble good in environmental services secreted by plant roots.

    At VAFDCO CEO Hoang Van awarded " Entrepreneur of the Year Business "
    Because chemical fertilizers are not so Van Dien Fertilizer is suitable for agricultural cultivation towards VietGAP safe and GlobalGAP . Many countries around the world were placed nearby Van Dien into organic fertilizer for environment-friendly agriculture . The difference of fertilizers Van Dien is not only to provide plant nutrients 3 macro elements NPK but also provides all
    secondary nutrients and micronutrients are calcium , magnesium , silicon , sulfur , zinc , copper , boron , cobalt ...
    According to the analysis of a number of phosphate fertilizer importer Van Dien , such as Japan , South Korea , Australia , Taiwan ... to see Van Dien in fertilizers that have over 20 macro nutrients , secondary and micronutrients . All are in the form of easily digestible , easy suckers . Total nutrients up to 98 % , the highest in all fertilizers available in Vietnam .

    VAFDCO leadership Independence Medal Second Class 's 50th anniversary (January 10/2013 )
    Do not contain toxic substances , insoluble in water but dissolve in sour service should root of Van Dien Phosphate fertilizer from being washed away by the climate , providing nutrients for plants from the beginning to the end of the service , if plants can not survive sucked back to the next season . Van Dien Fertilizer alkaline ( pH 8 to 8.5 ) , 1 kg of phosphate fertilizer Van Dien equivalent to 0.5 kg of lime fertilizer . So Van Dien fertilizer effect reducing sour , salty treat , clean moss to the soil , to cope with climatic conditions increasingly harsh . Distribution Van Dien not only improve soil effects , making the soil , moss limited , do not like the hard earth kind of chemical fertilizers but also help plants achieve higher yields , better quality agricultural products , while enhancing resistance to pests, drought , cold resistant and anti- shed .

    TOPTEN received quality products , perfect service in 2013
    To catch up with the trend of modern fertilizer use , the years Phosphate Corporation Van Dien has combined with leading scientists in the field of agriculture to the market for the type of product elements NPK Van Dien suit each type of plant , soil type and each period of plant development , helping farmers not fertilize too much weight and still achieve high economic efficiency and compliance with the principles in use application of fertilizer ( balanced and sufficient quantity, at the right time , the right way ) , help improve the environment protection field as well as
    health .
    To meet the diverse needs of the market , development of agriculture green - clean and sustainable in the coming years , the company will focus on investment-oriented application of science and technology into production to further enhance quality , reduce production costs , improve the lives of workers and active environmental protection . At the same time striving to deploy new plant with a capacity of 500,000 tons of calcined phosphate and 200,000 tons of all kinds of NPK / year with modern technology .

    Interaction with farmers in Lam Dong Province


    Talk to us, Mr. Nguyen Van Nam - Head of Economics (JSC calcined phosphate Van Dien ) said , in quarter 4/2013 SX unit market supply approximately 75,000 tonnes of fertilizer . In particular , production was 19,000 tonnes in October phosphate fertilizer , 7,200 tonnes of NPK ; November , 15,400 tons of phosphate fertilizers , NPK 6,600 tons in December , 22,000 tons of phosphate fertilizers , NPK 4,650 tons . Private 1/ 2014 as planned , the unit will SX 25,000 tons and 9,000 tons of phosphate fertilizers NPK .
    Phosphate Corporation Van Dien has been awarded the title Hero 4 and Labor Hero of People's Armed forces ; much , medals other noble . The company's products have won numerous awards such as Golden rice Vietnam , Vietnam Trademarks high quality ,
    Famous Brand , Gold Cup International Economic Integration , Product WTO , Golden Globe Awards , Thang Long Cup , fertilizer products only reached Vietnam in 2011 TOPTEN Brand , Top Ten Gold products and services Vietnam in 2012 , Top Ten brand , perfect products and services in 2013. As Year of the Horse Armor 2014, the Board of Directors of JSC Van Dien FMP fertilizer may be addressed to customers and farmers a new year " prosperity , abundant crops ."
    According to Vietnam Agriculture